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The Low FODMAP Diet For IBS

If you have or suspect that you have IBS and have been recommended to trial the low FODMAP diet, you may be wondering which foods are considered low FODMAP.

Click on the links below that may help to answer some specific questions around certain foods!

1. Celery and the Low FODMAP Diet - https://thefoodtreatmentclinic.com/is-celery-low-fodmap/

2. Vegetables and the Low FODMAP Diet - https://thefoodtreatmentclinic.com/low-fodmap-vegetables/

3. 'What to eat with an IBS attack' - https://thefoodtreatmentclinic.com/what-to-eat-with-an-ibs-attack/

4. Nuts and the Low FODMAP diet - https://thefoodtreatmentclinic.com/which-nuts-can-you-have-on-the-low-fodmap-diet/

5. '35 low FODMAP snacks' - https://thefoodtreatmentclinic.com/35-low-fodmap-snacks/

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